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The new plastic retainers KLH

The new plastic retainers KLH of Markes for precision bearings 6204 provide a good alternative to the approved bearing retainers LH. In aggressive environments solutions of stainless steel retainers are inevitable. In connection with a stainless steel tube we can offer a cost-efficient and technical high-grade construction. The material grade POM is resistant to most agents. The labyrinth seal is deliverable in stainless steel version. The KLH is available for tube sizes 89 x 3,0 mm and 108 x 3,0 mm.

Further advantages show the fast and cost-saving assembling by tapering the tube ends. We will be pleased to assist you with the technical realization.

lf you decide on a complete plastic tube (HDPE) we can offer the dimension90 x 7,0 mm which is  especially designed for this application. Our approved LH-labyrinthseals are insertable as for all KLH as well.
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