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Deep-drawn inner ring MTR-..20

some time ago we have launched the new 12 mm deep-drawn inner ring for our bearing category MTR-...20. The changeover caused some discussion and we received a lot of interesting suggestions from our customers to improve our attempt.
Markes as a customer-oriented manufacturer accepted these suggestions as far as possible.
Now the second generation of this deep-drawn inner ring synergized the advantages of this new manufacturing process. An obvious longer stability and lifetime with the look of the old turned inner ring. Available are the axis diameters of 10 mm and 12 mm.
Currently we are checking the load rating of 100 da/N (load rating C) for our MTR-...20 with the new deep-drawn inner ring.
We have designed the new 12 mm inner ring with a spacious lead-in chamfer to making easier the assembling of the axis. Please notice that you have to adept the squeezing of the axis if using our MTR-...20 with the new inner ring with larger lead-in chamfer.
For an interim period we will mark the cartons with a special red label to drawing your attention to the new axis modification.
We assume that this changeover will cause no more problems now. Further on we will have an open mind about your suggestion, compliments and constructive criticism.