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New press is activated

With the start up of our new Müller press PLME 315x2300 R-HK Markes is equipped with enlarged capabilities in metal manufacturing. Now we are able to manufacture material thickness up to 5 mm and material width up to 300 mm. This machine has a modified drive which allows a speed sequence according to the transforming process.

The delivery took place by using a heavy haulage with a machinery weight of 72 to. The transport from Gefrees to Lüdenscheid was made over night only and arrived in the fresh of the day in Lüdenscheid. Already 12 hours later the new machine was brought into position on the prepared basement.

pressing force:        3150 kN
ram adjustment:      0 mm – 150 mm
material width:        20 mm – 300 mm
material thickness:  0,1 – 5 mm
clamping plate  :      1100 mm x 2300 mm

Because of the clamping plate length of 2300 mm we are now able to construct bigger follow-on composite tools and to enlarge our spectrum of components.The first tool designed for this machine has a length of 1800 mm and a weight of 3 to.