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StuBo Mobil of College for technology
Markes is supporting school project

The College for technology in Lüdenscheid, Germany started a new project: Student Advisory (STB) and professional orientation (BO) locally. With this StuBo Mobil car students and pupils should be informed and advised on technical professions – where they could be reached best. In schools, in factories, at professional exchanges, exhibitions or in the cities. The principle: pupils are advising pupils – students are advising students.

On the advertising space of this mobile car you will find the logo of Markes too now. This is a great opportunity to support this project and to attract attention as a known employer brand in Lüdenscheid and neighborhood.

Markes is pleased with the participation of sponsoring and hopes that many pupils and students could be inspired for the different and interesting professions in the technical sector. To bring the young people together the mobile car is equipped with a beamer and loudspeakers. Brochures and flyers as well as a coffee machine invite to stay and talk to other visitors, customers or pupils.