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Our turbulent

How we became who we are.

There is a story behind every company. Ours is that of passion for good metal goods from the very beginning - and our story also tells of courage and diversity. Because conveyor technology was not always our core business: From the 1910s onward, aside from ball bearings, MARKES also manufactured toys. It was just this experience that made us develop the utmost variety of state-of-the-art products and even realise individual demands of the customer. Get to know our story!



The foundation of MARKES was laid: Carl Markes establishes a company for the production of cutting and printing tools and thus writes the first chapter of our company history.


The company flourishes: in 1911, 40 different types of ball bearings are already being produced.


The birth of the toy industry: As of this year, MARKES also manufactures metal components for the new "Stable Metal Construction Kit" and thus enters a new field of activity that makes many children's eyes light up.

The 1950ies

The company MARKES is always developing: Thanks to the new, revolutionary plastic-injection moulding technology MARKES is now able to supply further industries and realise special demands of the customers.


The focus of production shifts: toy production gradually comes to an end. MARKES now concentrates on the manufacture of ball bearings, accessories for conveyor technology, stamped and drawn parts as well as plastic parts.


We are growing! And we are expanding metal production at our Luedenscheid site. From now on, we can provide customers with a larger product portfolio more quickly.


MARKES GmbH & Co. KG has grown into a company family with 50 employees who make things happen with enthusiasm every day.